How to Stop Your Miniature Pinscher From Excessive Barking

How to Stop Your Miniature Pinscher From Excessive Barking

Miniature pinschers are great dogs that are intelligent companions. Min Pins sometimes have a reputation for excessive barking. While this isn’t typical of every Miniature Pinscher it is certainly a potential problem that is best to nip in the bud. Many dog breeds may succumb to barking too often or too long. This can easily be corrected. You’ll need to put in some time and effort but the rewards will be long-lasting. Your dog will soon be barking only minimally and will listen to you when you tell him to stop.

Left to their own devices, a Miniature Pinscher may want to bark at every little thing, every neighbor, and even at his own family members when they come and go. The best way to break a barking habit is by teaching your dog when barking is appropriate. For example, your dog should bark when it hears an unknown person trying to enter your home!

The first thing you need to do is determine why your miniature pinscher is barking. It is allowable for your dog to bark when there is a valid reason. When your min pin barks inappropriately take hold of his collar and keep his attention. Tell him to “stop” loudly. You can use whatever phrase you prefer but it must remain consistent. Say the word “stop” one time being careful not to yell at the dog. When the dog has stopped barking for several seconds reward him with a small treat. Increase the time that he must remain quiet each time you perform this exercise.

Min pins are intelligent dogs who really love attention. Taking away your attention can be an effective form of negative incentive for a dog who is behaving badly. Don’t lavish your dog with attention when he barks as this will only serve to reinforce a negative behavior. Socializing your miniature pinscher will also help to cut down on the amount of barking that occurs. A well-socialized dog knows the difference between things that require attention by barking and those that don’t .

The miniature min pin is a fast learner but you must be consistent in your delivery of the training method in order for the dog to change his barking habits. If you have several people in the home they all need to be consistent about training or the dog will soon learn that he can get away with barking. Training in this manner is a humane way to treat your pet and helps create a happier min pin.

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