Detecting Ear Infections In Your Miniature Pinscher

Detecting Ear Infections In Your Miniature Pinscher

Miniature Pinschers are easy take care of since this breed is generally a friendly one. It has a mild temperament and is safe to be around children. Min Pins are also known to be healthy and unlikely to catch severe diseases. But like any other dog, this breed can also experience illnesses such as ear infections.

There are several causes of ear infection, which is mostly centered on the owner’s leaving the dog’s ears untidy. Specifically, such an infection can also be due to wet ears that are not dried properly after bathing or swimming. In addition, Miniature Pinschers’ ear infection can be because of an ear wax build up, most especially when the wax is already hard. Fox tails and grass seeds are also known causes of ear infection, as well as ear mites that are left untreated.

Aside from these reasons, another common cause of ear infection is the use of cotton tips when cleaning the ears. Humans are different from dogs. Although the best way to clean humans’ ears is to use a cotton swab, this does not automatically apply to dogs as well. This is because the cotton tip can actually push the wax deeper into the ear, which will most likely trigger infections.

Since dogs cannot tell their owners when they are in pain, they use body language to communicate this dilemma to their masters. When Min Pins constantly scratch and rub their ears, this can be a first sign that the infection is already starting. Shaking their head and holding it down to one side are signs ear infections. Moreover, owners can also be alarmed of infection when the dog’s ears are swollen or waxy.

If these signs are still not given proper attention, the infection could progress and lead to severe pain. Dogs tend to hold their head very still since moving it can add to the pain. When the infection goes deeper into the ear, these dogs can also experience dizziness that causes poor balance and improper coordination. This may also result to vomiting.

When ear infections already occur, owners cannot just leave their dogs behind. Treating this kind of infection is not as simple as one may think. It involves patience and effort from the part of the owner. Having some time to clean the dog’s ears can reduce the risk of infections. If owners have no time for this, the only answer in treating ear infections is through a veterinarian. To avoid the hassles of treating this infection, owners should take care of their Miniature Pinschers like their very own kids.

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